The MLS is Back officially kicked off on July 8 and TGI Sport is honored to be the official provider of the tournament branding at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

It took a little over a month from initial discussions to inception to develop and execute our branding strategy. Having worked previously with ESPN Wide World of Sports allowed us to have the necessary understanding and familiarity of the venue, and the relationships we had built became a huge advantage.

Planning for the tournament began in late May with the development of our production timeline and install/dismantle schedules. Working with multiple MLS departments and the venue we were able to establish a signage proposal fit for the tournament. Our constant communication with all parties was key to the success of the delivery.

An event of this magnitude and duration has many moving pieces. TGI Sport staff were onsite for 1.5 weeks leading up to the event. During that time, TGI Sport installed 2,600 branding elements that were produced on over 25,000 Sq. ft. of materials.

TGI Sport’s branding signage package included a large focus surrounding the safety guidelines and social distancing elements. MLS did a fantastic job prioritizing the safety of the players and personnel, while ensuring the proper protection instructions were displayed. Entry areas included: A-Frames with PPE requirements, safety steps to be taken prior to venue access and social distancing guidelines, required for players, staff, media, and everyone involved. Inside and around the player and personnel areas branding included: room capacity signs, social distancing decals, player bench seat kills and pillowcases and best practice signs to avoid the spread of germs.

As we are now two weeks into this unprecedented event, we wish everyone the best of luck on a successful tournament and most of all to remain safe and healthy.

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