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From inception, TGI was established to be the pre-eminent field perimeter signage company in the world, constantly improving the industry, creating more value within the broadcast sponsorship realm.

Founded in 1997 with sights on the FIFA World Cup, we first offered static signage (digitally printed) at the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. Soon thereafter signage modalities rapidly changed.

This year marks a significant anniversary for TGI. Ten years ago, we introduced LED perimeter signage at the FIFA WORLD CUP in South Africa. Ten systems were staged across the country in nine cities. It all started with studying the sun patterns in June 2008, as FIFA was very concerned about afternoon games in the ‘winter’ sun of South Africa. This event transformed TGI from a global provider of static perimeter signage, into a LED systems corporation. A pivot point that continues to expand.

“This FIFA initiative was a high-pressure task for all of us at TGI,” Rusty Lawrence, TGI Global CEO and my business partner since 2005, affirmed. “FIFA and their sponsors demanded LED signage, and a failure, or operational interruption during a live match was not an option!,” reflecting on 2010 as a critical time in the TGI timeline, “to this day, by offering complete LED solutions we keep front-of-mind with many global rights holders. I guess we excel at certainty in delivering assurance.”

After a successful deployment in South Africa, other global events adopted the implementation of LED perimeter signage. For TGI, the 2011 & 2012 FIFA Club World Cup was next: two new 10mm systems were created and successfully performed through the entire event(s) in Japan, in fact, these systems are still in operation today. Another significant milestone for TGI: LED equipment longevity.

By 2012, TGI Europe started and UEFA launched their LED perimeter program with their coveted UEFA Champions League, which TGI continues to operate and coordinate thru this ‘unusual’ 2020 season. As a result of UEFA Champions League deployments, TGI placed over 19km of Pitch Perimeter LED systems into the European marketplace, and Asia, at many of the biggest clubs and rightsholders across the continent such as Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona, Juventus and many more, another unsurpassed TGI milestone.

Annually, TGI is involved with over 3500 live event days that utilize LED perimeter signage as an anchor of the commercial sponsorship programs. Bo Stenberg, Chief Revenue Officer at TGI, ponders: “We managed to become global market leader in the high-end LED perimeter space in less than 24 months, mainly thanks to our loyal and trusted partner network globally. Since then we have grown at an incredible pace delivering our technology and services in every corner of the globe.”

TGI has a strong and dedicated team of experts in house with a wealth of experience in the LED industry which allows us to design, develop and deliver end-to-end solutions for our customers. Our ability to customize products both hardware and software has been a key element to our success and our recent installation at the New Tottenham Stadium is a clear testament to that.

Five years ago, both the 2015 Conmebol Copa America in Chile and the 2015 Concacaf Gold Cup implemented LED signage into their prestigious events for the first time into their plan. In Chile, five (5) systems covered nine (9) venues, no small logistical task as the venues were spread throughout the entire country (> 2000km by transport). Meanwhile in the USA, after the Copa America final whistle, TGI implemented three sets of LED sideline signage systems over a 21-day period to produce 14 double-header matches in 13 cities.

During June and July 2015, our globally deployed staff increased by 4-fold. In order to successfully execute and logistically manage two events of this magnitude, it required deep bench-strength of qualified personnel that were multi-taskers, on top of technology in some very challenging situations. To be at that final in Santiago, when Chile beat Argentina on penalty kicks, it was truly amazing. A world cup atmosphere for a host nation to win a prestigious event. Passion in South America is incomparable.

In 2017, TGI delivered 3.6km of LED perimeter signage systems to the Ligue Nationale de Rugby (France) the single largest deployment of perimeter signage to a top tier sporting league in the world. Thirty (30) clubs received 120m of sideline signage to standardize the display across the entire league. The relationship developed by the league, clubs and TGI continues to grow in year four of a multi-year contract.

A 2018 acquisition by leading digital media company QMS complemented the existing global sport portfolio expanding it across Australia and New Zealand. The investment/acquisition propels TGI ‘Sport’ into the global sports tech marketplace with continued ability to innovate in the live broadcast LED perimeter domain. The strategy emboldens TGI’s ability to create new solutions for rights holders and sport properties to expand their revenue delivery, better connecting brands and fans.

By 2019, TGI had created their first infra-red (IR LED) system so the away games for Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid could broadcast virtual signage outside of Spain in conjunction with Supponor using their DBR Live product. TGI and Supponor have been partners in the virtual signage realm since early 2017.

In early July 2020, TGI once again launched a ground-breaking initiative using Parallel Ads® Technology at the ‘MLS is Back Tournament’. Forty-four games were aired live around the globe, with two different commercial messages shown simultaneously on TGI’s LED Perimeter Systems; one to the USA audience and another to the Canadian broadcast. Another unparalleled milestone for TGI, now TGI Sport.

TGI lives by crisis and renewal, constantly re-inventing ourselves. 2020 has been a year of milestones for TGI. If we do not innovate, we stagnate, and during these unusual times of an unprecedented pandemic, without fans in the stadiums, it makes the televised event more and more valuable, so stay tuned to what’s next!

Patrick Vendrely
Founder and Chief Commercial Officer
Telephone +1 407 994 5891

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