Get ready for the
new normal

We spoke with James Cook, our Director of Sales UK to get his view on how COVID-19 is affecting the commercial sporting market.

“Whilst the economic wheel has stopped turning, and that it is no different for the world of sport, I firmly believe that this period of time will afford the sporting community time to think, adjust and prepare for when life begins to return to a new normal.

For a considerable period of time, we at TGI have been discussing with clients, partners, and organisations the need for an accelerated digital inventory strategy and implementation plan.  What is clear is there is a real and pressing desire from brands to maintain and increase their presence in sport but an ongoing frustration with the lack of digital inventory they can access.

Clear customer touch points, precise data and short sharp focused marketing campaigns are just a few of the requirements from brands and this list of requirements continues to evolve at a pace.

We are speaking with our clients, clubs and leagues globally on how they are best placed to deliver the digital inventory the market requires.  We are having some great conversations at the moment and one thing is clear that in this period of uncertainty, we are compelled to broaden our commercial horizons.  At this time there are some digital platforms that are thriving – never have people been so absorbed with their mobile devices to access and engage with the ‘outside world’; never have fans wanted or missed their sports as much as they do now…marry these two factors together and you have a unique opportunity to satisfy all parties.

It’s about using this time effectively and for us all within the sports community to be prepared to hit the ground running when things return to a new normal. The remainder of the year is going to be busy for sport. One thing is for sure, sport along with many other industries will change and develop for the good, post COVID-19. Sport will be back, it is an ever constant in many people’s lives. We’re here now to help you prepare for when that happens. Sport will give everyone that uplift that we all need right now!…See you all ‘on the pitch’ soon.”


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