Don Wetmore, TGI’s Vice President of Soccer Business Development, shared with us the success of Nashville SC’s MLS debut, with a record-breaking attendance in a customized American Football stadium:

“Soccer has been on hiatus for months now, but it’s comforting to look back at the positive moments that occurred earlier this year. Nashville SC’s inaugural MLS match in Nissan Stadium was one of those moments.

Nashville SC’s management team came to TGI in 2019 seeking a pitch perimeter LED solution for their unique home. The club was looking for a portable, reliable and high-quality pitch perimeter LED system and a partner with proven technical experience managing high visibility LED broadcast matches.

During initial testing, the club were very impressed with the fine animation display, the seamless cabinet corner bends, the low profile easy-to-manage cabinets with player safe shaders, and a “camera crew safe” protected back panel wiring system of this MLS and UEFA compliant LED system.

Congratulations to the whole Nashville SC staff on their inaugural match, and a big thank you for aiding TGI in navigating through the unique logistical challenges that a non-soccer specific stadium LED implementation poses.”


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