TGI Sport employs over 250 people in 12 offices worldwide.

TGI Sport is well positioned to draw on over 20 years of combined experience and knowledge from the entire management team to service and fulfill all strategic partnerships.

TGI Sport is proud of its people and its culture.

Global CEO

Martin has over 35 years of experience in the sports, entertainment and media industries. In the fields of television, advertising, sales and marketing, Martin founded his own sports agency “Sports Media and Entertainment 360-” (SME 360) in 2015. He previously worked as Senior VP and MD for IMG’s Asia Pacific region in Hong Kong.

Managing Director Europe

Rusty is an expert in premium events and completed the TGI Sport board when he joined the company in 2005. Since then, TGI Sport has grown significantly and has developed a global network of relationships with many of the world’s leading sporting organizations, clubs and brands. Today, TGI Sport’s products can be found in countless arenas around the world in front of thousands of spectators in the stadiums and millions of viewers on screen.

Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Pat co-founded TGI Sport in 1997, had worked with the US Soccer Association for a decade and quickly recognized the tremendous commercial potential of signage in stadiums and for the sports world. Traditionally, advertising in sports arenas has taken the form of painted panels – an opportunity not to be missed.

Chief Operating Officer

Michael has designed and implemented digital advertising solutions for the world’s leading sports organizations at over 100 venues in over 40 countries. He has unparalleled experience in taking complex projects and turning them into scalable operations. As part of the team that launched TGI Sport Europe in 2012, Michael
laid the foundation for TGI Sport’s digital advertising operations in his leadership role on the UEFA project, which served as a catalyst for TGI Sport’s growth in Europe.

Chief Financial Officer

David leads finance at TGI Sport. He focuses on the company’s strategic planning and expansion while overseeing global operations and organizational leadership. He can look back on more than 30 years of success and is always driving TGI Sport’s continued growth.

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