The remarkable development of TGI Sport from the revival of trucks in 1997 to a leading technology partner of the most prestigious sports organizations in the world. This is the story of a company that understands change. As the first manufacturer and supplier of digitally printed field advertising systems, TGI Sport revolutionized the commercial possibilities in the sports sector.

TGI Sport is always one step ahead when it comes to recognizing and analyzing innovations and future trends. Today, TGI Sport and its partner networks are the exclusive providers of multifeed broadcast technology for MLS, Sanzaar and many others.

For many years, TGI Sport has worked with FIFA on stadium promotion for several World Cup tournaments. TGI Sport has accompanied numerous partners in the transition from static to rotating advertising at countless sports venues. More recently, TGI Sport has developed digital LED system solutions, which were used on a large stage for the first time at the 2009 Confederations Cup in South Africa. TGI Sport was not only the first company to use this advanced technology in a sporting context, but also continues to occupy the pole position in the race to develop digital systems in the sporting world.

Your activities don’t stop there. Having established itself as a leader and tireless developer in the field of digital hardware, TGI Sport has made it its mission to connect directly with sports rights owners and sports brands and help them strengthen their relationship with fans to understand to activate and monetize their digital potential. TGI Sport’s comprehensive service includes product development, customization and placement, coupled with expert guidance through the digital transformation process. TGI Sport takes care of the entire matchday process, designing, preparing and running all systems from just one software management platform. TGI Sport has all the necessary skills

TGI Sport is known in the US as a major player in stadium branding and has also successfully expanded in Europe. TGI Sport have signed a 3-year deal with UEFA for the third year in a row. The prestigious UEFA Champions League and Europa League continue to enjoy the benefits of working with TGI Sport for their digital advertising needs.

The beauty of the TGI Sport approach is that it can be applied to any situation where a brand is trying to engage with their fans or customer base – energize and monetize!

In France, TGI Sport rolled out an unprecedented number of LED systems for the French rugby league in 2017 – 30 stadiums fitted out in just two months, demonstrating TGI Sport’s impressive logistical capabilities.

In 2018, TGI Sport was acquired by leading digital media company QMS. The acquisition complements the existing sports portfolio in Australia and New Zealand and offers additional scale and growth opportunities. To further strengthen QMS’ position in the strategically important international sports markets, while TGI continues to expand its geographic footprint while diversifying revenue channels.

We are TGI Sport – we create the event experiences of the future.

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